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Data Access

Primary CODAAC data retrieval has ended with the completion of the project. AIS data is still being collected and displayed in a no-maintenace mode. Where possible, links to other sources of data are provided.
Some of the available data types:

+ AIS Data

AIS stands for Automatic Identification System. It is a shipboard broadcast system that acts like a continuous and autonomous transponder, operating in the VHF maritime band. It allows ships to easily track, identify, and, exchange pertinent navigation information from one another or ashore; for collision avoidance, security and VTS reporting.

+ Codar Data

NASA/WFF, along with CIT and NOAA, has installed CODAR sites on Delmarva. CODARs are high-frequency radar instruments whose primary purpose is the measurement of ocean surface current.

+ OASIS Platform Data

The Ocean Atmosphere Sensor Integration System (OASIS) platforms are autonomous, unmanned, solar powered, electric propelled, ocean surface vessels designed to perform meterologic and oceanographic research measurements on long term (months) cruises.

The OASIS data collection includes meteorological and position reports for OASIS instruments.