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NASA/WFF, along with CIT and NOAA, has installed CODAR sites on Delmarva. CODARs are high-frequency radar instruments whose primary purpose is the measurement of ocean surface current.

CODAR works by bouncing a radio signal off the face of ocean waves. This radio signal works over the horizon and can receive data from up to 200km offshore. Using the returned energy and principles of the Doppler shift, CODAR can compute surface current speed and direction. This data has many applications, including search and rescue, weather prediction, and hazard response. The rougher the ocean, the better CODAR works!

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- CODAR Data

WFF CODAR data collection has ended with completion of the project. The CODAR sites are now being managed by CIT and ODU and are integrated into the national CODAR network. Data are available from the following locations:

- CODAR Site Locations

The referenced files are KML files which display the locations of the Delmarva CODAR sites using a KML-parser such as Google Earth. Each site has a base station, transmit and receive antenna.