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OASIS Platform Data

The Ocean Atmosphere Sensor Integration System (OASIS) platforms are autonomous, unmanned, solar powered, electric propelled, ocean surface vessels designed to perform meterologic and oceanographic research measurements on long term (months) cruises.

The OASIS II pictured cruising 4 mile offshore Chincoteague VA.

There are now two OASIS platforms reporting data ion an hourly basis via cellular modems. During "dry land" testing the met masts on either boat may be in the "stowed" position so wind values may not necessarily be valid.

The water values in the last plot are also invalid as the water sampling system is "off".

The OASIS 1 platform has recently been upgraded and is undergoing "dry land" testing.

The OASIS II platform ("Ray Gillett") is undergoing "dry land" testing at the present time and the near real time results are plotted below.

The plots below show the last 7 days of data from each OASIS platform.

OASIS-1 Platform Positions during last 7 days

OASIS-2 Platform Positions during last 7 days

OASIS-3 Platform Positions during last 7 days

OASIS-1 Platform Meterological System Data

OASIS-2 Platform Meterological System Data

OASIS-3 Platform Meterological System Data

OASIS-1 Platform Flow Thru Water Data

OASIS-2 Platform Flow Thru Water Data

OASIS-3 Platform Flow Thru Water Data

OASIS-2 Forward Looking Camera Image (delayed-not live! Note time stamp on image )

OASIS-1 has no camera at this time