National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Wallops Flight Facility

Mirrored MODIS-A Data Available

The CODAAC distributes original WaCOOL-generated data and mirrors selected datasets which we receive from other sources. These mirrored datasets are nominally subsets of data which are used in creating our own products or products which are particularly relevant to our region on interest.

The MODIS data sets consist of Aqua Level-3 4-km and 9-km standard-map files of Chlorophyll (CHLO), Angstrom coefficient (A531), Diffuse attenuation (K490), Normalized Water-Leaving Radiance at 551nm (L551), Aerosol optical thickness (T869) and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) in HDF format. The files are organized by binning period: i.e. Daily, 8-Day, Monthly, Annual and a special regional subset.

+ Mirrored MODIS-A SST and Chlorophyll